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Mountain Home - Bracken MacLeod, James Daley Daley

MOUNTAIN HOME by Bracken MacLeod wasn't quite what I expected, but it was still a very solid read.


Joanie is ex-military. She's purchased a home with a view up in the mountains. Trying to move on with her life after a tragic experience during her time overseas, she runs into more trouble with a local. This is the final straw. Life's kicked her ass, now she's ready to strike back. It certainly had a Rambo/First Blood vibe in spots, which was cool.


What this book needed was more Joanie. All the scenes and bits with her past and present were compelling. I would have liked it better if the entire book was written from her POV.

I just couldn't get into the diner characters. I found myself wanting the story to move along and get back to Joanie. Unfortunately, the majority of the book is the diner and its cast and how they are dealing with being under fire.


I loved the set up and the ending of MOUNTAIN HOME and really was captivated by Joanie and her background.


I give MOUNTAIN HOME 3 stars!